Your Tool
for Wellness Measurement

Track essential health metrics from nutrition to stress, receiving a holistic view of client wellness.

Step 1. Invite clients to share their health achievements and concerns

Nutripy collects and interprets client input and data from wearable devices.

Step 2. Track client progress.

Nutripy extracts valuable behavioral patterns — from nutrition to sleep.

Step 3. Support clients during their health journey

Nutripy supports clients between follow-up consultations based on your plan and approach.

Make the most of your consultation time

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Who is Nutripy for?

Nutripy is designed for nutritionists and dieticians. It helps collect client information, whether from direct inputs or wearable devices, delivers important insights and actionable steps, and supports ongoing progress tracking.

Is Nutripy an EHR?

No, Nutripy is not an EHR system. Its primary goal is to help specialists understand clients' picture and provide a plan without the burden of unnecessary paperwork. If you need to record any information in your EHR system, let us know which EHR you use, and we will integrate it.

How much does Nutripy cost?

Currently Nutripy is in Beta so it will be free to use. We will introduce paid features in the future, but we plan to always have a free tier.

How can I get access to the product?

To get access to the product, simply enter your email in the provided field and click the 'Get Access' button. You'll receive further instructions in your inbox shortly.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Reach out to us at